What is Safe?

Safe is a programme of practical activities that develop young people's skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social networking sites. Designed to work on safe social networks, the free materials and teacher resources will enable a school to easily deliver engaging activities and develop digital literacy skills.

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Social networking and sharing content online are now an integral part of young people's lives. They provide many opportunities for them to develop creative and communication skills in ways that are relevant to them, in school or at home. However, with these new opportunities come many new choices. How do we help children make positive and informed choices when creating and sharing online?


Safe activities are modified for different age groups; 7-11 and 11-16. For all young people, the initial focus is learning how to stay safe when using social networks; setting up a profile, blogging and connecting online. The programme progresses to making and sharing media, copyright awareness and the process of reporting hurtful or harmful material. For the older age group, there is an emphasis on peer to peer learning to enable the spread good practice within the school.

Safe tasks can be planned on printable activity sheets or completed directly onto a school VLE or appropriate online platform. All the activities are supported by teacher resources which include how-to guides, discussion topics, learning outcomes and support documents. Extension or homework activities ensure that the learning also takes place outside of school to engage the whole family in staying safe online.






How it works

Sign up for relevant age group 7-11 or 11-16.

On receipt of an email from Safe, download the free classroom resources.

Set up your online social network or school VLE. For a free site on Makewaves and inclusion in the Safe Network, join here.

Young people then complete the activities; e.g. creating a profile, writing a blog and making media.

Register and reward your pupils with their Safe certificates 7-11 or 11-16. Now you can award Digital Badges as well.

Apply for the Safe School Award when you are rolling Safe out in school.

Safe Digital Badges




, the social media network for schools, is offering FREE websites and tools so that all schools can easily deliver Safe activities. Sign up!






How to Join

Join to access free resources to complete the Safe programme in your school.

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